NMSQG is also known as the Nuclear Medicine Software Group (NMSG) and is a sub-group of the IPEM Nuclear Medicine Special Interest Group.  The group is also supported by the BNMS and the Nuclear Medicine Manufacturer’s Association.

The group can be contacted at nmsqg.ipem@gmail.com

Latest News

  1. An audit of DaTSCAN quantification software is being planned and will open soon.
  2. A repeat of the previous MUGA audit (10+ years ago) is currently underway. All data has been collected and is currently being analysed.
  3. An audit of HIDA scans has been completed. The work has been sent for publication (NMC) and is with the reviewers.
  4. An audit of thyroid uptake has been completed. The results have been published in NMC.

Aims of the NMSQG

  1. To distribute a series of test images to UK nuclear medicine centres for computer analysis, and to collate returned results to show variability of quantitative parameters.
  2. To report each centre’s position within the UK distribution via Regional Co-ordinators.
  3. To promote local initiatives for validation of algorithms and other software utilities.
  4. To highlight problem areas to the Nuclear Medicine community and to suppliers of Nuclear Medicine Software.

Dates of future meetings

Wednesday  14th November 18  11:30-3:30  venue: Sheffield Hallam University, Howard Building

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