Audit Process

  1. Working Group collates test images. Copies in “Interfile” or “Dicom”will be sent to Gamma Camera/Computer manufacturers.
  2. Manufacturers Manufacturers will convert images to a suitable format for analysis on their customers’ machines.
  3. Regional Audit Co-ordinators will establish which departments in their areas are willing to take part in the project and forward an application form.
  4. Participating departments send details of their requirements direct to the appropriate manufacturer and the Regional Co-ordinator.
  5. The manufacturer sends images to the customer department in suitable format for processing.
  6. Department analyses images, completes audit report form and sends to Regional Co-ordinator.
  7. Regional Co-ordinators collate all results from regions and send to Working Group.
  8. Working Group distributes national results summary to Regional Co-ordinators and to manufacturers
  9. The Working Group also sends to each manufacturer a summary of results for centres using their system.
  10. The regional co-ordinator sends the national result summary to each participating department in the region.
    NoteĀ  The identity of individual department and manufacturer data is treated as confidential throughout the audit process

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