MPI Ejection Fraction Audit

Gated Myocardial Perfusion Imaging Ejection Fraction Audit

This audit aimed to compare software used to calculate left-ventricular volumes and ejection fractions from gated myocardial SPECT studies by UK nuclear medicine departments. A set of 12 gated SPECT studies were distributed via manufacturers and from this website. The results required were simply a set of numbers (the calculated volumes and ejection fractions), together with information about equipment and imaging protocols used to enable us to investigate any sources of variation.

The data used in this audit were acquired in 16 frames per cycle, rebinned to 8 frames per cycle, and were distributed in both forms to allow comparison of protocols. For the sake of the audit, everyone was asked to use their normal protocol, with the number of frames per cycle they would normally acquire. The studies used covered a range of clinical conditions, to enable investigation of variations in particular conditions.

For information the data used in this audit are still available for download using the link below.  The information for participants and data collection forms are also available.

Information for participants

Results form

DICOM data

Zipped DICOM data

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    Could you put the data together in a zip please

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    Zipped data addded to the ejection fraction audit page

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