Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) 2013

The last GFR audit was in 2001 and it showed that there was considerable variability in GFR calculation across the UK. This variability was mostly due to varying methods of analysis. This led to the publication of respective BNMS guidelines in 2004 which recommended that a standard method of analysis was required to avoid undue variability.

The NMSQG has performed a repeat audit into how hospitals in the UK perform glomerular filtration rate (GFR) calculation. The results are compared to a previous audit conducted in 2001. Participants were asked to use their routine method to calculate GFR for 20 data sets (4 plasma samples) in millilitres/minute and also normalised for body surface area (BSA). Some unsound data sets were included in order to analyse the quality control (QC) methods used. These datasets are available online via the NMSQG website. Intercentre variability was assessed for each data set compared with the national median and a reference value calculated using the method recommended in the British Nuclear Medicine Society guidelines. The influence of the number of samples on variability was studied. Supplementary data were requested on workload and methodology.

Participating centres have been made aware of their local results.

The results have now been submitted for publication and should be published very soon.

The 20 patient dataset used in this audit is available below.

Dataset download

Further details of the calculations used in this audit can be found here:

2013 Audit Data

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