NMSQG-MUGA-audit 2016/2017


Christmas has come early this year!!

IPEM’s NMSQG are pleased to announce the commencement of a repeat MUGA audit in Dec 2016.

There are 14 patient MUGA datasets for analysis and 4 patients each containing a set of 4 ‘scout’ static views for determination of the angle providing the best separation of the left ventricle.

MUGA audit final images Nov 2016

Centres wishing to take part in the audit should download the zipped images above and send an email to “Kathryn.carson@slh.ie” requesting the participant spreadsheet for collection of audit results. The spreadsheet will be sent by return email.

The deadline for the return of the completed audit spreadsheet is 31st March 2017.

Happy MUGA processing!!

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